As the world of e-bikes continues to grow, the options seem limitless. In this article, we delve into the details of two intriguing models - the Big Sur by AIMA and the Aventure.2 by Aventon. Join us as we explore their features and specifications to help you navigate your e-bike journey.


The Big Sur and Aventure.2 share quite a bit of common ground, featuring 750W motors and offering both pedal assist and throttle modes. However, let's uncover the nuanced differences that set them apart.

Battery Power and Range:

Right off the bat, the Big Sur takes the lead with its larger battery capacity. The internal lithium-ion 48V 15Ah battery, equipped with LG 21700 cells, promises a remarkable range of up to 60 miles. Both the Big Sur and Aventure.2 share this impressive range. However, it's worth noting that the Big Sur's LG21700 battery cells, combined with its powerful Bafang motor, ensure not only a substantial range but also efficient power delivery. In contrast, while we don't have access to the specific motor details of the Aventure.2, the known use of LG18600 cells may imply that its motor may not be as robust or efficient, potentially affecting both range and top speed in conditions that can vary, such as challenging terrain, elevation gains, or variations in the load on the bike.

Brake Power and Stopping Precision:

When it comes to safety and stopping power, the Big Sur doesn't disappoint. Equipped with 203mm brake rotors and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, it offers enhanced stopping precision and control. Safety and control are paramount, and the Big Sur ensures a ride that's both secure and responsive. In comparison, the Aventure.2 features 180mm brake rotors, which while still capable, may not provide the same level of stopping power as the Big Sur's larger rotors.

Crankset Comparison:

Let's dive into the heart of the ride - the crankset. The Big Sur boasts a larger 170mm crankset with 52 teeth, offering not only a smoother pedaling motion but also enhanced overall efficiency. In contrast, the Aventure.2 features a 170mm crankset with 48 teeth, which, while still effective, may not deliver the same level of pedaling comfort and efficiency as the Big Sur's crankset.

Illuminating the Path & Crafting Comfort:

When it comes to lighting your way and crafting a comfortable ride, the Big Sur excels. Sporting a 100mm diameter 100LUX headlight, it ensures enhanced visibility and safety during your nighttime rides. As for comfort, the AIMA Comfort 280mm*270mm saddle on the Big Sur offers a spacious and plush seating experience, surpassing the Aventure.2's saddle size. With the Big Sur, you're not just riding; you're gliding in comfort and style.

Manufacturing Prowess:

When considering an e-bike, it's not just the bike itself but also the strength and capability of the manufacturer behind it. In this regard, the Big Sur by Aima stands tall. AIMA is not just a manufacturer; it's the world's largest e-mobility factory. The sheer scale of AIMA's operations is awe-inspiring, producing 90% more units year over year compared to Aventon. This substantial production capacity speaks volumes about AIMA's experience and ability to meet the demands of the e-bike market.

Furthermore, AIMA's legacy is impressive. Established in 1999, which means it boasts 24 years of experience in the e-mobility industry. This longevity is a testament to its dedication and expertise, emphasizing that AIMA is far from a fly-by-night company. When choosing an e-bike, knowing that it comes from an established, industry-leading manufacturer can provide added peace of mind, assuring you of quality, reliability, and a company that's here to stay.

A Remarkable Journey Awaits:

In the competition between the Big Sur and Aventure.2, the Big Sur emerges as an extremely strong contender. Its larger battery capacity, powerful motor, superior braking system, and impressive manufacturing capabilities make it an e-bike worthy of consideration. When you embark on your e-bike adventure, remember that the details matter, and choosing the e-bike that fits your unique needs is paramount.