AIMA, the world's largest e-mobility manufacturer, took center stage at CES 2024, unveiling the groundbreaking HYHAWK. In this exclusive blog post, dive into the highlights of AIMA's first global press conference and the debut of this high-tech electric bike. From the futuristic design to the industry expert testimonials, explore the features that make HYHAWK the future of electric travel.

See below for the full video and transcript for an in-depth look at the key moments and insights shared during the press conference.


Gigi Kong (Press Conference MC): "The future is now."
Jillian Lopez (Reporter): "AIMA hosted its first global press conference of 2024, unveiling a mysterious debut model that represents high-tech and future travel. AIMA Technology is celebrating three significant milestones: the first time exhibiting at CES here in Las Vegas, its first international press conference, and its first global product launch. Introducing the HYHAWK, the first straddle electric bike for young people."

Angela Zheng (AIMA US CEO): "The moment you're on it... I felt like I'm 12 years old again! It takes off, you get the fun exciting speed, and all the features we want. We got so many people asking questions about the HYHAWK. There are many new technologies implemented into this product. The price point is super friendly. It's the future of electric. That's why we have strong faith, and we believe in this industry."

Jillian Lopez (Reporter): "In its first appearance at CES, AIMA aligns with the show's focus on sustainable development and mobile technology."

Marc Johnson (Founder & Owner of Electric Bikes of Newport Beach, CA): "I came here, and I was blown away. This was the show stopper; I was just blown away. We sell a ton of e-mobility and electric bikes. We see the trends as they come and also in the future, so this thing has certain feature specs like a 72-volt battery longer range. Our customers are looking for something that's going to take you a little bit further than an ebike but not as much as a motorcycle."

Jillian Lopez (Reporter): "The new HYHAWK is a sleek design that has a hidden embedded display, futuristic seat design with a suspended air cushion, front and rear dual barrels, digital Matrix headlights with a luminous eye, digital Matrix tail lights, coarse tires, and responsive front and back disc brakes."

Roson Luo (General Manager AIMA Technology Group): "It's very simple for the US market because, you know, this product we designed based on our analysis to the local consumers, local market, and a lot of feedback for them."

Jillian Lopez (Reporter): "AIMA invites global audiences to witness the power of 'made in China.' This event showcased AIMA’s strength as an advanced green travel technology and fashion company, its commitment to sustainable development, and its tribute to green fashion travel."

Mitch Hackleman (eBike Industry Expert): "Just walking around here looking at some of the tech that's here, it's very refined. It looks more technologically advanced than we've seen in the last couple of years; the ebike industry is changing."

Angela Zheng (AIMA US CEO): "We're looking within a six-month range to launch officially in the United States."

Jillian Lopez (Reporter): "At CES in Las Vegas, this is Jillian Lopez."