E-Bike Safety Standard UL 2849 Certification

To help assess the safety of e-bikes and electrically power-assisted cycles (EPACs), UL Solutions developed next-generation e-bike safety requirements for UL 2849, the Standard for Electrical Systems for E-Bikes. This Standard offers electrical and fire safety certification by examining e-bikes’ electrical drive train system, battery system and charger system combinations.

UL 2849 Certification is required by CPSC

On December 20, 2022, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) has called on manufacturers, retailers, importers, and distributors of micromobility devices to comply with established UL safety standards including UL 2849 which addresses electrical systems in eBikes. Click here to access the release from CPSC.

BIG SUR is one of the first fully UL2849 Certified ebikes

We always put the safety of consumers in the most important position, so Big Sur is also one of the first E-Bike models , which means that all important parts and electronic control systems of Big Sur are It meets the most stringent safety testing standards in the industry. Big Sur is your safer electric bike choice.